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Tiffany New Designs

We believe in listening to our customers and understanding their needs. Many come to us with specific ideas and parameters for a new project or collection and through a collaborative effort between our factories and our in-house team of professional, we'll develop a product with you.

NTC001 W6"

NTC002 W9"

NTC003 W8"

NTC005 W14"

NTC004 W8"

NTC014 W12"

NTC013 W12"

NTC028 W16"

NTC027 W16"

NTC034 W16"

NTC033 W16"

NTC017 W16"

NTC015 W16"

NTC018 W16"

NTC016 W16"

NTC019 W16"

NTC030 W16"

NTC029 W16"

NTC010 W16"

NTC011 W16"

NTC008 W16"

NTC007 W16"

NTC009 W16"

NTC020 W16"

NTC021 W16"

NTC012 W16"

NTC026 W16"

NTC025 W16"

NTC024 W16"

NTC023 W16"

NTC022 W16"

NTC006 W16"

NTC050 W18"

NTC032 W18"

NTC037 W18"

NTC031 W18"

NTC038 W18"

NTC037 W18"

NTC038 W19"

NTC043 W20"

NTC046 W20"

NTC047 W20"

NTC049 W20"

NTC051 W20"

NTC042 W20"