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Tiffany Floor Lamps

Tiffany Floor Lamps from TiffanyLampschina.com offering Tiffany floor lamps in traditional styles modeled after the original works of Louis Comfort Tiffany, as well as many new favorites and themes of stained glass floor lamps. Traditional floor lamp styles include Mission, Museum quality and more. We offer many matching Tiffany table lamps and lighting fixtures to complete your Tiffany decorating theme. There are always new styles of Tiffany floor lamps becoming available, so if you need some extra help finding a Tiffany floor lamp, let our knowledgeable staff assist you with your questions.

FLC19001 W20"

FLC16007 W16"

FLC16001 W16"

FLC16012 W16"

FLC16002 W16"

FLC18005 W18"

FLC18011 W18"

FLC18013 W18"

FLC18015 W18"

FLC18003 W18"

FLC19002 W19"

FLC20002 W20"

FLC20003 W20"

FLC20004 W20"

FLC20005 W20"

FLC20006 W20"

FLC20007 W20"

FLC26001 W26"