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Series Tiffany Lamps

The series tiffany include the tiffany table lamp,the tiffany ceiling lamp and tiffany floor lamp about the design of the same theme.



SRT12007 W12"

SRT16007 W16"

SRT12007C W12"

SRT18007F W18"

SRT1803 W18"

SRT2203 W22"

SRT1403 W14"

SRT1604 W16"

SRT2004 W20"

SRT1804 W16"

SRT1805 W18"

SRT2205 W22"

SRT1805F W18"

SRT12006 W12"

SRT16006 W16"

SRT18006F W18"

SRT18006C W18"

SRT12006C W12"

SRT1002 W10"

SRT1802 W18"

SRT1402 W14"

SRT1802F W18"

SRT18008 W18"

SRF18008 W18"

SRP18008 W18"