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        Tiffany Table Lamps We have a great selection of Tiffany Table Lamps, many with matching Tiffany fixtures, for any room in your home. We offers Tiffany lamps in traditional styles modeled after the original works of Louis Comfort Tiffany, as well as many new favorites and themes of stained glass lamps. We also carry a number of new styled stained glass, Tiffany style table lamps that are sure to illuminate your living space with a beautiful array of colors and warmth.


T16007 W16"

TLC06004 W6"

TLC07001 W7"

TLC07002 W7"

TLC08002 W8"

TLC08003 W8"

TLC08004 W8"

TLC08005 W8"

TLC08006 W8"

TLC08007 W8"

TLC08008 W8"

TLC08009 W8"

TLC08010 W8"

TLC08011 W8"

TLC08012 W8"

TLC08013 W8"

T1212 W12"

T1218 W12"

T1213 W12"

T1217 W12"

T1214 W12"

T1215 W12"

T1216 W12"

T1201 W12"

T1202 W12"

T1228 W12"

T1229 W12"

T1200 W12"



T1211 W12"

T1210 W12"

T1209 W12"

T1208 W12"

T1207 W12"

T1206 W12"

T1205 W12"

T1220 W12"

T1219 W12"

T1221 W12"

T1224 W12"



T1203 W12"

T1204 W12"

T1222 W12"

T13001 W13"

T14001 W14"

T16002 W16"

T16008 W16"

T16010 W16"

T16001 W16"

T16020 W16"

T16013 W16"

T16014 W16"

UT16007 W16"


T16021 W16"



T16012 W16"

T16006 W16"

TLC016002 W16"

TLC016001 W16"

T1604 W16"

T1603 W16"

T1602 W16"

T1601 W16"

T18002 W18"

T18001 W18"

T18003 W18"

T18005 W18"

T18004 W18"

T19001 W19"